Frequently Asked Questions

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What is water damage mitigation?

Water damage mitigation is the process of properly removing moisture and water from a water damaged property and bringing it back to its pre-loss dry state. Each situation is different and will require its own unique plan. 

How do you locate water and moisture in a structure if it’s not visible?

We use the latest technology moisture meters/detectors, thermo hygrometers and thermal imaging (infra-red cameras) to locate all of the moisture that may be hidden or trapped in your structure. This allows for the best mitigation plan to be implemented that addresses all issues. 

How do you clean up water damage?

Stop the source of the water if possible and safe. Try to extract/vacuum as much of the water as possible. Place blocks or aluminum foil under furniture etc. to help limit further damages. Call us immediately for assistance with mitigating the loss.

Who "fixes" the source of water damage?

Usually a plumber will need to be called out to assist with locating and fixing the source of the water.

Can my hardwood floors be dried and saved after they got wet?

Yes, a lot of hardwood floors can be dried and salvaged with prompt attention and the proper drying equipment and mitigation plan. We are fully equipped with the latest state of the art equipment and will do our best to attempt to save your floors.

Do we need to leave our house while you are working?

Most water damage dryouts will not require you to leave your home. Each situation is different and some may be a bit inconvenient (which may cause you to decide to stay off-site during the work).

Are you Insured and Certified?

We are fully insured and industry certified.

Can smoke damage and odors be cleaned up?

Yes, smoke damage and its associated odors are removable but need to be addressed properly to have the best success at complete, safe removal and deodorization.

Do you work with our Insurance Company?

Yes, we have extensive experience working with Insurance Companies and will work with yours to help you through the process. 

Will my electric bill go up while running drying equipment?

Our equipment is the latest technology designed to limit amps drawn while running. You will see a slight increase to your bill based on the amount of moisture present and drying equipment needed. You can probably expect a $20 – $35 increase based on the “average” size job.

Do I need to be present for you to work?

We only require that you are present to join us on an initial walkthrough and for paperwork. Any other circumstances will be addressed as they may arise. As long as access is provided to us you do not need to be present. Our crews and technicians are all backround checked and fully supervised.

Is the smell of smoke harmful after a fire?

Yes, if you can smell smoke then the quality of the air you are breathing is compromised. Call us immediately to help address the situation.

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